Northstar Tenant of the Month: Larson Engineering – Lakewood West Point

May 21, 2015

Northstar Tenant of the Month: Larson Engineering – Lakewood West Point

This month, Larson Engineering has been chosen as Northstar Commercial Partner’s “Tenant of the Month.” Larson has occupied Suite 430 in the Lakewood West Point office building for six months as of June 2015. Larson provides a variety of engineering services including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and piping and plumbing.

The company’s clients cover a wide range of industries including Oil & Gas, Water/Waste Water, Renewable Energy, Agricultural, Pulp and Paper, Industrial, and Commercial.

“We’re a Midwestern firm and one of our big corporate values is loyalty and quality to the customer,” said David Corman, regional manager at Larson. “We take pride in responding right away to everyone who reaches out to us. Northstar has their act together and does the same. They respond right away to all requests made by their occupants.”

One of Larson’s most unexpected clients turned out to be Northstar, after they signed a lease at the West Point building. The two companies share a symbiotic work relationship: both giving each other business, while simultaneously helping to improve the community.

“Larson Engineering is a pleasure to work with,” said Brian Watson, Founder & CEO of Northstar. “They are smart, hardworking, and professional business people, all while being a good tenant as well. We are grateful to have built this relationship and happy to utilize their services.”

With Northstar’s help, Larson has felt very much at home in their new Denver branch. The company also regularly attends and participates in Brian Watson’s Opportunity Coalition [link] monthly events. Seeing what Northstar invests in the community, helps enhance Larson’s mission to use their engineering talents for the betterment of their staff, communities, and clients.

“We’re sending Northstar rent and they’re paying an invoice for our services on other buildings,” Corman said. “You don’t always see that, but it’s a wonderful and unique relationship to have – it works out very well.”

Larson Engineering has 12 locations in 10 states with professional and structural registrations in all 50 states, which affords them the ability to conduct business anywhere in the U.S. The company has professional registrations in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Mexico, eight Canadian provinces, and two Canadian territories.

“Our goal is to be reliable and provide everyone with the exact services they need,” Corman explained. “Larson strives to have a nice working environment and exposure to really good projects to attract and retain excellent employees.”

Corman noted that not only does Larson have a positive working relationship with Northstar, the company as a whole also benefits by the facilities that Northstar offers: “We take pride in having nice office space. At Larson, we work hard to take care of the little things day-to-day that matter, and our office space setup with Northstar allows us to do just that.”