Northstar Commercial Partners Tenant of the Month: Caliber Home Loans

February 17, 2016

Northstar Commercial Partners Tenant of the Month: Caliber Home Loans

This month, Caliber Home Loans in Chandler, Arizona has been chosen as Northstar Commercial Partners’ “Tenant of the Month.” Caliber Home Loans is located in a 5,000 sq. ft office space and employs around 30 talented individuals right outside of Phoenix, Arizona. The team chose their current location due to the transportation proximity, as their location provides them easy access to the rest of Chandler and the entire East Valley where most of their business is done. 

Caliber Home Loans serves as a mortgage lender and offers refinancing services. They are built on the strength and stability of experience, innovation, and culture while specializing in custom loan options that fit individual financial needs. Caliber Home Loans is the 13th largest lender in the nation and employs some of the nation’s top 30 mortgage loan consultants. The team has a genuine understanding of today’s homeowners, including their priorities and concerns.   

Mr. Joe Smith leads the company in Chandler as Branch Manager. His vision for Caliber is to “become a nationally-recognized leader in the industry, respected by our employees, customers and community.” This goal continues to come to fruition; from 2014-2015, Caliber Home Loans grew in volume 211.7%. By mid-2014, their servicing portfolio had increased 73% in twelve months.  Also in 2014, Mortgage Executive Magazine ranked Caliber Home Loans as #3 out of America’s top 100 mortgage companies.

“We are committed to being stewards in the industry, enabling and maintaining home ownership through responsible lending and servicing practices,” Smith continued. “We will become the lender of choice by providing a high level of service and offering progressive and innovative solutions.”

Smith’s team in Chandler personifies this vision perfectly.  Most everyone there has been in the mortgage business for almost ten years They have collectively created an empowering team atmosphere. According to Smith, Chandler Home Loans has a competitive advantage due to the strong work ethic of its employees and their willingness to get things done.

Brian Watson, Founder and CEO of Northstar Commercial Partners is proud to provide space to Caliber Home Loans, and stated: “Caliber Home Loans is a national leader in the home mortgage industry. It is clear that they have developed a culture that produces both excellence and quality service to their customers.” 

Not only does Caliber Home Loans provide top- notch mortgage services, they also give back to their community in Chandler. “We are a big company but like to give back to the community at a local level,” Joe Smith explained. Some of the organizations they support include the CARE Fund and the Chandler National Little League. 

Nationally, Caliber Home Loans recently launched the Fresh Start Program which is a specialized mortgage solution designed specifically for self-employed business owners and borrowers who have experienced a recent life or credit event, or investors that are currently unable to find a program in the marketplace that meets their needs as they work to re-establish a strong credit history.

Joe Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of Caliber Home Loans added: “Since we launched the Fresh Start Program earlier this year, we have received an excess of positive feedback from borrowers that took advantage of the opportunity to realize their goal of homeownership”.

 “Northstar Commercial Partners is proud to feature such a talented and well respected business for Tenant of the Month. The team at Caliber Home Loans in Chandler, Arizona consistently gives back to their community while simultaneously reaching extraordinary goals in the mortgage industry,” Brian concluded.

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