Northstar Commercial Partners Receives Energy Star Certification for Multiple Properties

May 12, 2015

Northstar Commercial Partners Receives Energy Star Certification for Multiple Properties

Denver, CO — Northstar Commercial Partners is honored to announce that three of our facilities, West Point, Cherry Creek Place I, and Cherry Creek Place II, have all recently been awarded with the Energy Star Certification.

Energy Star is a program that promotes sustainability and is a way of demonstrating that the owner or manager of a building is involved in maintaining its energy efficiency.

The certification of several Northstar properties is a significant achievement for the company, as our focus is never simply on property acquisition and management, but on promoting productivity in tandem with environmental stewardship and lowering operating expenses.

To be Energy Star Certified, a building must receive a rating of at least 75, on a scale of 0-100. This number is based on energy usage and calculated using factors such as heating, cooling, number of computers and number of occupants in the building. Every month, water, gas, and electric usage is logged into the Energy Star Portfolio Manager, and a building rating is then given. The formula is set up so that all buildings are compared equally. The higher the number, the more energy efficient a building is.

The current ratings for the most recent Northstar assets are as follows:

92 for West Point

84 for both Cherry Creek Place I

84 Cherry Creek Place II

This means that only 8 percent of certified buildings scored higher than West Point, and only 16 percent have scored higher than Cherry Creek Place I & II.

Once a building is certified, the information continues to be tracked in the Energy Star Portfolio Manager on a monthly basis and is then posted onto the federal Energy Star website. Only a select number of buildings nationally have received this type of certification upon meeting these rigorous standards and requirements.

Many state and federal tenants intentionally look for buildings that are Energy Star certified, as this gives tenants like government contractors the confidence that taxpayer dollars are being used in the most efficient way possible.

These Energy Star Certifications are meaningful to every member of the team here at Northstar, as it demonstrates our continued commitment to efficiency, sustainability, and competitiveness.

Many properties acquired by Northstar are vacant, underperforming, or environmentally impacted. Northstar invests significant time and resources into maximizing their energy and operational efficiency in order to ultimately make these buildings productive once again – for the benefit of the local communities and economies where they are located.

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