Northstar Commercial Partners Nominates Avitus Group as the May 2016 “Tenant of the Month”

May 10, 2016

Northstar Commercial Partners Nominates Avitus Group as the May 2016 “Tenant of the Month”

Avitus Group Global Headquarters in Aurora, CO

This May, Northstar Commercial Partners has the opportunity to spotlight the Avitus Group as its “Tenant of the Month”, a company dedicated to the pursuit of better-managed businesses.

Avitus Group cultivates strong organization structures and simplifies the complexities of business management in order to promote growth. They accomplish this through their provision of ‘back office’ support; this includes payroll, accounting, taxes, recruiting, information technology, and more. When a business chooses to work with Avitus Group, all of the tedious but necessary functions that help a corporation run smoothly become Avitus Group’s responsibility. This frees up the client business to engage more fully in the specific work to be done.

“Northstar is honored to highlight its tenants that deserve notice, and Avitus Group is no exception,” remarked Northstar Commercial Partners Founder & CEO, Brian Watson. “Their relentless work ethic is obvious because of their widespread but uncompromising commitment to encouraging the local, national, and global business community.”

Avitus Group moved their global headquarters in February 2016 to an 11,000 square foot Northstar space located in Aurora, Colorado. More than 30 of the company’s employees have now moved in and initiated plans to double operations by 2018. This creates more jobs and opportunities for the Aurora community and Colorado in general. Alongside this new headquarters in the Denver Metro area, Avitus Group has regional office locations from coast to coast. The company’s latitude extends overseas, reaching international clients in partner locations like Europe, Canada, China, England, India, Japan and Singapore.

The predominant service Avitus Group provides is the all-inclusive Co-Employer Service. Like a stage manager just behind the scenes, Avitus Group structures, economizes, and oversees the behind-the-scenes action as the Employer of Record, while the client business acts as the Supervising Employer, directing the day-to-day, on-stage decisions. Avitus Group is responsible for making sure that employees are paid, quarterly tax payments are completed, mandated taxes are taken care of, and training and risk management requirements are organized; not only this, Avitus Group will perform these duties for less than it costs to hire a person part time. With upwards of 24,000 worksite employees, Avitus Group is one of the largest companies in the United States co-employment industry, and it continues to grow.

The Avitus Group chose Aurora for their national headquarters location for a variety of reasons. The company’s sign is noticeable from Highway 225, providing visibility to thousands of people every day. Aurora’s Economic Development Council has been working to bring business to the area by providing incentive packages, which creates a vibrant workforce in the area where Avitus Group is located.

“We are investing in our future, and that means investing in all of the local communities we call home. Each city is critically important to our overall growth plans and ability to serve our clients. In Aurora, our hiring has already added new jobs to the local economy,” says Avitus Group Public Relations Manager, Dianne Parker.

Avitus Group has a deep desire to help other businesses succeed. They respond to the problematic intricacy of running any business with specifically personal, genuinely helpful, tailor-made solutions despite the fact that they balance a wide reach across the globe.

“Their long-term vision and goal is similar to that of Northstar Commercial Partners: create jobs and empower the people who work them. Their future expansion will certainly bring even more jobs to Aurora and help improve the Colorado economy,” explained Brian Watson, Northstar Commercial Partner’s Founder & CEO.

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