Matt Runyon of Northstar Commercial Partners Joins Board of Directors at SheLift

July 30, 2016

Matt Runyon of Northstar Commercial Partners Joins Board of Directors at SheLift

Mr. Matt Runyon, a development professional at Northstar Commercial Partners, recently joined the Board of Directors for SheLift, a Denver-based nonprofit that empowers girls to overcome personal obstacles, such as physical and emotional challenges.

Sarah Herron, SheLift Founder & CEO

“The entire team at SheLift is grateful to have Matt join our Board,” said Founder & CEO, Sarah Herron. “We’re excited to have his experience and skills added to our developing efforts.”

SheLift was launched in 2016 by Ms. Herron, who was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome and has endured life long challenges as a result of only having one arm. Sarah was inspired to start the organization while appearing on The Bachelor, during which time she received tremendous outreach from girls who were born with similar challenges.

Sarah saw a need for girls to connect with others like them and overcome their struggles together with the help of influential mentors who could help them achieve confidence and self-esteem. The organization facilitates these connections through hosting events, day camps and weekend adventures for girls with physical disabilities, but will expand its reach to girls with a wide range of self-esteem and confidence issues.

Matt Runyon, Northstar Commercial Partners

“We have a responsibility to build leaders of tomorrow within our population of young women and I believe everyone deserves that opportunity equally,” said Runyon. “I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Sarah, the success she has achieved personally and the mission she has undertaken to aid others through SheLift.”

Runyon has a robust background of service in the military, as well as in the private and nonprofit sectors. Before joining the development team at Northstar Commercial Partners, he was Director of Program Operations at Team Rubicon. Team Rubicon is a Veteran Service Organization that provides military veterans with purpose, community and identity through volunteer service, using their unique skills for disaster response, humanitarian crisis intervention, and community service. Runyon also served as Vice President of Business Development at TRINE and worked for Raytheon Company.

SheLift approved Matt Runyon’s position on the Board of Directors last week.

Herron added, “As a businessman, a veteran, and community influencer, Matt has invested in so many significant ways and brings a wealth of skill, insight, energy, and innovation to the table.”

“I’m thrilled to play a small role in working alongside Sarah and the board to grow and guide this vision into the future as SheLift empowers and inspires tens of thousands of young girls,” Runyon concluded.

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