Northstar Commercial Partners Provides Space in Denver, Colorado for The Salvation Army Gift Operations

DENVER, CO: Dec. 21, 2016 — Each year, The Salvation Army USA collects, sorts, and distributes gifts for children that might otherwise find nothing under their tree at Christmas.

This Christmas holiday, Northstar Commercial Partners donated a large building space in Denver for The Salvation Army to use to collect and sort gifts provided by giving neighbors before distributing them to children in need around the Denver area. 

"We are deeply honored to partner with The Salvation Army this Christmas as they work to create opportunities, comfort, and support for children in need," explained Brian Watson, Founder & CEO of Northstar Commercial Partners.

In Denver, the Salvation Army provides highly localized holiday assistance in order to meet the varying needs of distinct communities, and if possible, meet those needs in excess.

"These are our friends and neighbors that The Salvation Army works so hard to serve, and we are thrilled that our space helps make it possible to get that aid to the right homes, families, and people," added Watson.

The Salvation Army also works to provide spiritual light and love to all they serve at Christmas so that the real meaning of the season is not forgotten. Many families receive aid over the months following Christmas, as well as people struggling with difficult family, emotional, or employment problems.  

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